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Entrepreneurial Journalism – EFJ webinar

Von Redaktion • 23.07.14 • Thema: An EFJ Freelance Webinar, Europa

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is offering an online seminar (webinar) on “Entrepreneurial Journalism” to EFJ member unions.

September 12, 11 a.m. (CET)

The seminar language will be English.

This online seminar will be recorded, but live participation is the best!

You can participate without any special software or any special software skills. After registration, you will get a confirmation e-mail. There will be an invitation code sent to you on September 12 at 10.30 Brussels time (CET), which is 9.30 GMT. The webinar will then start at 11.00 Brussels time (10.00 GMT).

The invitation email will include a link to a small program called GoToMeeting (more information at www.gotomeeting.com, which you can easily install by authorizing an .exe-file (for Windows users) or an applet-file (for Mac users).

The installation process runs automatically, once you have given the authorization.

More technical details & data protection info at the end.

Register here:

Please mark the topic in the field above, this makes data processing easier for us (PC users: with a right mouse click)

If this option does not show on your computer or mobile form, use the fields at the end of this form, please.

I am a professonial freelance journalist

member of an EFJ union

I am a member of the journalist union in:

Sorry, if your country is not mentioned here. In that case, please fill in your country and union name in the form below.

If your country is not in the list above or your computer / mobile phone does not show the list, please type it here:

Not a member of EFJ union

I will use these computer systems for the online seminar:



Your email adress (this is where we will send the invitation email):

Your full name & your adress:

Could you please tell us in which media branch you are working in and something about your work experience or your internet web site / blog / twitter / fb adress:

Any special questions or interests concerning the online seminar on authors’ rights:

Technical details:

During the online seminar, you will see a power point presentation or internet website. You will also be able to see the presenter and those participants who have a webcam (up to 10 persons).

Sound comes through Voice over IP, which is part of the program. You will have to check a small box on the right side of the program to authorize the audio transmission.

You can participate by telephone, but in this case their might be additional costs by your telephone provider.. We strongly recommend VoIP.

Up to ten persons can actively talk at the same time through VoIP or telephone, but make sure you have headphones then, because otherwise we would hear our echo through your loudspeakers.

Of course, you can be a “listener only”.

There will be a chat window coming with the program, where you can comment or ask questions during the online seminar.

Deactivate your webcam, if you do not wish to be seen.

You will get the invitation code with a special mail at 10.30 CET / 9.30 GMT, February 5.

If you can´t make it, you might get a recording of the seminar. Live is better, though.

The online seminar is technically hosted by Michael Hirschler, Freelance officer in the German Association of Journalists (DJV) a member of FREG.

If you have any questions concerning technical details or the seminar itself, please contact Michael through this email adress: hir@djv.de

Data Protection

As the online seminar will be hosted by the DJV office in Germany, your registration data will be processed by the technical partners of DJV which are:

1. the DJV website provider for the djv-online.de domain www.domainfactory.de and its technical partners

The online seminar will technically be processed by

2. servers who are operated by CITRIX

Your registration data will

3. be stored online and offline by the DJV office in order to prepare the invitation for the online seminar and to mail subsequent information regarding this specific seminar. DJV will not use your data / email for others purposes (for instance, for EFJ campaigns). Your email adress will be stored online by the GoToMeeting program for the purpose of granting access to the webinar and a subsequent feedback email which is sent after the webinar by GoToMeeting.

Your registration data will

4. be forwarded to the others hosts of the online seminar though, this means officers of the EFJ office in Brussels and FREG members. We will request that these persons will protect your data as well as we promise. Please note DJV cannot take any legal responsability for actions taken by non DJV officers or members in this process.

The online seminar data

5. will be recorded (Presentation, sound, video, chat) at the DJV office by the use of the GoToMeeting program. You can improve you data privacy by using a nickname (= not your real name) in the GoToMeeting program (this option will be explained in the confirmation email). So any chat recording will not show any connection between your remarks and your name. DJV and EFJ retain the right to show the recording of the online seminar in a full or short version in the internet or intranets, with and without the chat protocol (usually, we do not export video and chat recordings, though).

Data protection officer

If you have any doubts concerning data protection, you can contact the DJV data protection officer at dsb [at] djv.de who works according to the German data protection statute. Please note he usually speaks German, so you might introduce yourself as a non-German speaker first.

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